changing tomorrow for the cancer patients of today

Creating impact BY AWARDING grants & promoting awareness

The Kittie’s Warriors Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping cancer patients on an individual level. Large amounts of money is dedicated to cancer research every year, and while we hope, pray and believe that one day there will be a cure; we know the burden cancer brings to the life of a patient and we know there is a need for individual support.

KWF raises funds with the support of our generous sponsors and donors and through the sale of handmade crafts that bring awareness to all types of cancers and allows others to show their support in the process.

All proceeds go directly into the grant program so that we may assist patients who demonstrate a financial need in ways meant to lift burdens during what can quite possibly be the most trying time of ones life. We work closely with licensed social workers at various cancer treatment facilities to locate eligible individuals.


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want to make a difference?

We are looking to make the largest impact possible, and you can help us do that.  Make a monetary donation or purchase any number of the products we handcraft.

want to know more about us?

Everyone's journey is unique.  Read our personal experiences with cancer and see why we are so committed to making a difference in the lives of others.




Not only do we want to make a financial impact in the lives of cancer patients, but we also strive to raise cancer awareness through the sale of our products.

100% of proceeds from our sales and donations go to the Kittie’s Warriors Program, which will help us provide much needed grants to cancer patients in need.